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What is it?

Achieve culinary perfection with Thermomix® Sensor and Sensor Mode, a Bluetooth® kitchen thermometer that can be used in your oven, pan or barbecue. Cook with confidence as it measures both internal and ambient temperature, ensuring ideal cooking conditions for cakes, bread, meat and fish.

How does it work?

Sensor mode connects to your Thermomix® Sensor via Bluetooth and ensures perfectly cooked food every time.

Works best for:

  • Newbies looking to gain confidence in the kitchen.
  • BBQ enthusiasts wanting to impress with food cooked to perfection.
  • Bakers looking to get perfect baked loaves every time.

Sensor Compatible Recipes

Top Tips:

  • • For bone-in roasts, it is crucial to place the probe parallel to the bone, place
  • • Thermomix® Sensor as close to the bone as possible without touching it.
  • • When baking bread, it is necessary to put Thermomix® Sensor in the largest “piece” of bread; if cooking more than one loaf. If making multiple pieces (tear and share) place Thermomix® Sensor in the largest piece.
  • • For casseroles, ensure Thermomix® Sensor is above the cooking liquid/stock.

Secrets to Success

Thermomix® Sensor

The kitchen accessory everyone needs.

Even though each food has its own cooking point, the precision of Thermomix® Sensor will help you reach perfection every time. Find out more by contacting your Thermomix® Independent Consultant.

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Baking Temperatures

  • Basic Doughs - Contain flour, water or other non-fat liquid, salt and yeast or another fermenting agent. They may also contain herbs, spices and seeds.
  • Rich Doughs - Besides containing flour, water, salt and yeast, they also contain fat (butter, lard, oil, sugar or honey, eggs, cream etc.). A rich dough can contain any of these ingredients.
  • Basic and Fresh Fruit Cakes - Basic cakes contain little or no additional fat other than egg yolks (e.g. sponge cake). Fresh fruit cakes contain relevant amount of raw or cooked fruit or vegetables mixed into the batter (e.g. banana bread, carrot cake) plus additional ingredients such as butter.
  • Rich Cakes - A basic cake with additional fat and/or ingredients such as chocolate, caramel and/or other creams or spreads (e.g. marble cake, lemon cake).
  • Dried Fruit Cakes - A rich cake containing a relevant amount of dried fruits plus additional ingredients such as spices and peels (e.g. Christmas cake).
  • Other Cakes - Cakes whose core consistency is humid, softer and creamier (e.g. lava cakes).

Turn a Guess into Success

With Thermomix® Sensor, Thermomix® Guided Cooking is extended, for the very first time, to your oven, stovetop and BBQ. Turn a guess into success with the Thermomix® Sensor.

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