5 New Updates On Your Thermomix® TM6™

With the latest software update, your TM6™ will get 5 more innovative and exciting new modes and updates!

1. Brand New - Recipe Step Videos

See some of your recipe steps in action!

Have you ever been faced with a list of instructions on how to shape and decorate a pie that may feel overwhelming or confusing? Now available with a number of recipes in Guided Cooking, our recipe step videos appear on screen as part of the step for you to choose to play or not – depending on whether you need this extra help. Watch the video and follow along with the written instructions on your screen for a completely guided approach to your favorite recipes.

Discover recipes with step videos here >

2. Inspirational Videos, Now On Your TM6™

Short videos that enhance your creativity and appetite!

Our new inspirational videos are available while browsing Cookidoo® on the app, desktop or on your TM6™. They’re there to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, try new cuisines, techniques and skills. Your TM6™ Cookidoo® experience is now even more complete. Take advantage of our inspirational videos and enrich your culinary experience.

3. New Egg Boiler Mode

Boiling Eggs the Easy Way

How do you like your boiled eggs? Hard-boiled, firm or soft… Just pick your desired cooking point and Thermomix® TM6™ prepares eggs just how you want them.


• Now you can cook 2-6 eggs directly in the mixing bowl. Place large eggs (size 2 oz-2.25 oz), cold from the refrigerator and cover with water up to the 1 liter mark.

4. New Warm-Up Mode

Heat and Reheat to Exact Temperatures and Time

With this mode you can heat milk without boiling, evenly heat baby food, reheat stews without breaking up the pieces, and so much more. This mode can be used to heat or reheat liquid or creamy foods to an even temperature throughout the dish.

• Use the butterfly whisk to heat larger amounts or thicker consistencies, such as Bolognese sauce or stews. The butterfly whisk also prevents food from breaking apart while the mode senses when contents are evenly heated throughout.

5. Enhanced Pre-clean Mode

Different ingredients, optimal results

We already love the Pre-cleaning mode but now it's even better! Depending on how dirty your bowl is or the recipe you’ve just made, simply choose between 4 pre-clean variations – Dough, All Purpose, Fats or Caramel, and Browned Bottom. This mode makes cleaning up a breeze by dissolving even the toughest ingredients like caked-on caramel.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for the Browning variation of the Pre-Clean mode:

The Brown Bottom cleaning variation runs at the highest temperature of all variations, at 220°F. Therefore only white vinegar (No liquid soap of any kind) should be used in order to avoid excess of foam.

• Always insert the measuring cup into mixing bowl lid before Pre-clean.

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