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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Summer is finally here! Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this creamy and cool American favorite.

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  • July Everyday Cooking

    Stay cool in July with Thermomix®! Midweek dinners made simple with our everyday cooking suggestions.

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  • Summer Party

    It’s summer time and the warm weather calls for colorful, cool and fun parties! Find ideas for tasty food and refreshing party drinks.

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  • Your Favorite Ice Cream Shop

    Classic flavors, fruit ice creams, sorbets or any other flavor: with Thermomix®, making your own ice cream is so easy. The best ice cream shop ever!

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  • Make Your Own Pantry Goods

    Stocking your pantry with everyday items made with your own ingredients is healthier, saves money, and reduces unnecessary packaging. With Thermomix®, homemade cooking becomes an easy part of your daily routine.

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  • Budget Meals

    With our budget-friendly recipes you can cook delicious meals at a fraction of the cost and put your savings towards your next vacation. Saving money feels great.

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  • Multi-Level Cooking

    Your Thermomix® is perfect for multi-level cooking. From steamed mains and al dente vegetables, to perfectly cooked rice and creamy soups, all elements are cooked at the same time. With Varoma and simmering basket, the possibilities are endless.

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