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Cookidoo® - Now More Personal Than Ever!

You can now find recipes selected just for you on your Cookidoo® homepage.
You will find your personal recipe recommendations in a new recipe stripe called "Top Picks for You" on the home page of the website, on your TM6™ and on the app. The recommendations are updated daily to provide fresh inspiration for you and your Thermomix®.

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Editor's Picks of the Week

  • Cooking with Chicken

    Chicken is a versatile, lean meat and one of the most go-to ingredient for home cooks. Discover ways to perk up your poultry recipes here.

  • Picture-Perfect Cakes!

    Find tips and tricks for making and decorating cakes with Thermomix®.

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  • Culinary Journey Through Poland

    Join us on a culinary journey to discover the many flavors of Poland.

    Flavors of Poland
  • Everyday Cooking Spring

    Spring is the time for all things to come alive and grow, from flowers to delicious colorful produce. Asparagus, arugula, peas and chard are some of the bright and refreshing ingredients that are at their best in spring. Find seasonal recipe inspiration here.

    Spring into Spring
  • Going Low Carb

    Looking to reduce your carb intake? Leave the table satisfied by healthy flavors, without feeling weighed down. Cookidoo® can show you how.

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  • Culinary Journey Through Spain

    Cookidoo® invites you to try traditional recipes from different areas of Spain. Don't miss this fantastic gastronomic journey!

  • Food Trends in 2021

    Thermomix® helps you expand your culinary horizons in 2021 with inspirational recipes that are indulgent, healthy and comforting. Boost your health and experience the joy of cooking.

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New! Your Personalized Cookidoo® Profile

You can now create a Cookidoo® profile to get the most out of your cooking. To get started, simply add a profile picture and a name. Do you like cooking creative dishes, or do you prefer quick, easy weeknight meals? Choose your favorite Cooking Style to see more personalized recipe recommendations on your homepage. And finally, set your Search Filter Preferences to make your Cookidoo® search tailored just for you.

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Spotlight Recipe

Classic Yellow Cake

Happy 50th Anniversary Thermomix! Whether celebrating someone special or looking for a crowd-pleasing dessert, this fluffy, moist, party perfect cake will not disappoint! Combined with a creamy chocolate frosting to create an irresistible filling you won't be able to resist!

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Introducing Pastries Class with Camila

Learn the basics of making your own crust. Or expand your knowledge and up your pastry game. Our chef will walk you through all the steps, from mixing simple shortcrust pastry to more advanced techniques allowing you to recreate iconic patisserie classics or even invent your own.

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