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Cookidoo® recommends inspiring recipes

When someone who knows you recommends a book or a film, it's because they think you might like it. The same happens with Cookidoo®. It learns your tastes, knows what you cook most, and recommends recipes based on your preferences.

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Scaled Recipes

My Table, My Way!

Introducing the latest Cookidoo® feature – Scaled Recipes. Take control of your dining experience with our exciting new scaling function that lets you tailor your meals to your household size, so you can have it your way, every day.

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New on Thermomix® TM6®: Chop Tool 

Easily chop ingredients finely or coarsely without guessing which speed to choose or for how long. This convenient and versatile tool allows you to chop different ingredients and amounts to your preferred size. From sweet to savory, simply select the ingredient you want to chop from the pre-set list. For example, chop chocolate chunks for your next batch of chocolate chip cookies, or the next time you need to cut several onions, spare yourself the tears and leave the task to your Thermomix® TM6®! Happy Cooking!

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  • 6 Ideas to Jumpstart your January

    Post-holiday time is the perfect chance to detox and prioritize healthy food, balanced meals, and physical exercise.

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  • One-Pot Wonders

    Ideal for everyday cooking, one-pot recipes are the perfect weeknight meal! Discover our selection of easy, fast and tasty one-pot meals!

  • Practicing Mindfulness During the Holidays

    During the busy holiday season, take a moment to step back and focus on the physical and emotional aspect of ingredients, recipes, and cooking.

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  • Gluten-Free Cooking

    Gluten-free doesn't need to be flavor free, with Cookidoo® no gluten is no problem.

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  • World of Curries

    There’s nothing better – or more comforting – than a heaping bowl of curry. Discover our favorite Thermomix® curry recipes from around the world.

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  • Cooking with Coffee

    Coffee is one of those universally beloved beverages. But there are more ways to capture the sweet and smokiness of this mocha-enhanced elixir than just drinking it alone! Explore our favorite coffee and coffee infused recipes.

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Editor's Picks of the Week

Spotlight Recipe

Chocolates with White Chocolate Lemon Filling

Rich dark chocolate, filled with smooth white chocolate lemon ganache. A decadent treat for your special Valentine.

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NEW! Access Modes from your TM6® Created Recipes

Discover Created Recipes… Start your own recipe creations or import your favorite Cookidoo® recipes, easily modifying ingredients and steps to meet your needs! Save them all in one place and cook them with your Thermomix®. New! Now, when cooking your own recipe creations on your Thermomix® TM6®, you can access all the modes you love.

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Meet the New Blade Cover

Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler

Welcome the new generation of the Blade Cover: Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler. The perfect accessory for preparing slow cooking and sous-vide dishes now also cleans, scrubs and peels with zero mess and zero effort. Effortlessly peel vegetables with Peeler Mode to maximize your cooking success. Less time, less effort, less waste.

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Whether you simply want to learn more about the Thermomix® TM6® or are eager to buy, we are here to help. You can now enjoy a virtual culinary experience from the comfort of your own home. Our knowledgeable consultants are here to help you discover the world of Thermomix® through a video demo. Simply fill in the application form online and a consultant will reach out to you to set up the demo. Personalize your experience to fit your lifestyle.

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Now get additional safety instructions on your Thermomix® device

Due to a very rare occurrence of a problem when using the Thermomix® TM6® measuring cup, we have released a new version of the TM6® and TM5 software. In Cookidoo®, all recipes involved have been updated so that they are available to you in Guided Cooking with additional safety instructions. Your Thermomix® device will guide you step by step during the cooking process and instruct you on which cover to use for the hole in your mixing bowl lid depending on your preparation or selected cooking function.
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