Cookidoo® - Now More Personal Than Ever!

You can now find recipes selected just for you on your Cookidoo® homepage. Make sure you are logged in, then check out the "Get Inspired" personal recipe recommendations, pick your favorite recipes, and start cooking! We are constantly bringing new and exciting recipes to the Cookidoo® platform, so get ready to be inspired every single day.

Where can I find my recommendations?

You will find your personal recipe recommendations in a new recipe stripe called "Top Picks for You" on the home page. The recommendations are updated daily to provide fresh inspiration for you and your Thermomix®.

Please note: we highly value your privacy and data security; therefore, we can only offer personal recommendations if you have consented to the data processing agreement on your Thermomix®.

On your Thermomix® TM6™ you can change the usage data consent under Settings / Privacy / Data usage. If you are using a Thermomix® TM5 with a Cook-Key, you can change consent under Settings / Privacy / Diagnostics and Usage.

It’s time to get even more inspired with your Cookidoo® personal recipe recommendations!

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