Our Top Festive Party Tips

Christmas is a magical time to spend with loved ones. Parties are a perfect way to bring everyone together to enjoy delicious food and drinks. If you’re the designated host this year, build your menus around your guests by searching for recipes on Cookidoo® and get inspired by our helpful tips for a fail-safe festive feast.

1. Recipe Planning

Plan ahead to ease the pressure. If you need inspiration, choose a theme. Impress guests with an Italian-style feast or dish up some delectably decadent desserts.

Whatever your cuisine of choice, you can bookmark all your favorite Cookidoo® recipes and save them to your very own collection. Or, if you’re in need of some inspiration, why not let us help with our recipe suggestions?

2. Create a Shopping List

Straight from Cookidoo®, you can add all the ingredients from your chosen recipe to your shopping list. If you’re struggling for time, share the list and the load. Adjust quantities depending on your party size.

3. Cook Ahead

Preparing ahead is a fantastic way to make things easier the day of your party. Once prepared, keep your food fresh by storing in the fridge overnight. Cold dishes will be ready to serve straight from the fridge while hot dishes can be reheated easily in the oven or microwave.

4. Party Food on a Budget

December can be a busy and expensive month. Cooking with Thermomix® will save you time and money. Swap some ingredients for affordable alternatives and you’ll save even more without impacting flavor. Try budget-friendly recipes for an affordable festive feast.

5. Easy Kids Party Food

Keep the kids entertained with fun finger food for little hands. Kids party food is quick and easy to make. Plus, if you serve up sweet treats that are healthy and delicious, the grown-ups will be happy too.

Get-togethers are all about sharing good times, memories and great food with people you care about. Plan ahead, be prepared and you’re ready to party!

Let’s Get This Party Started!