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Relax on the couch with a beautifully printed Thermomix® cookbook. When you’re ready to cook, find the digital recipe in Cookidoo® and Guided Cooking will walk you through the recipe!

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All the recipes in Thermomix® cookbooks can be found in Cookidoo® in digital format. This means that you can now have it both ways: flip through the beautiful pages of a Thermomix® cookbook, read the helpful editorials and tips, find the inspiration you need, then search on Cookidoo® for the cookbook and the recipe you want to make. Add the recipe to your Weekly Planner and you’re ready to start cooking with Guided Cooking support!

Bookmark recipes that you want to try later or save your favorite recipes to a “best of” collection, your very own recipe journal reflecting your preferred style of cooking. You'll find it in My Recipes whenever you want to cook something tried and tested.

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Our Thermomix® Tex-Mex Cookbook is a culinary fusion of recipes that blends ingredients available in the United States with those of traditional Mexican cuisine. Tantalize your palate with dishes that mix sweet and tangy flavors of Texas barbecue with spicy Mexican influences. Gather friends and family to cook your way through fun and flavorful recipes of two cultures that celebrate the enjoyment of food.

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For veggie lovers

Veggie table

Everyone wants to eat better, and one easy way to start is to make the most of your vegetables. Thermomix® combines wholesome grains and plant-based proteins in creative ways to help turn any meal into a naturally flavorful “Veggie Table”

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Our bestseller

Everyday cooking

Filled with sixty-eight mouthwatering recipes that represent the great American melting pot of flavors. You’ll learn how use your Thermomix® to make traditional regional dishes, like Biscuits and Gravy, Jambalaya and Fish Tacos, as well as new favorites, like Cauliflower Fried “Rice,” Gluten-Free Pizza Crust, Quinoa Salad and Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

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