Sous-Vide Mode

Unleash your inner chef and enjoy preparing a culinary masterpiece with the Thermomix® Sous-Vide Mode. Sous-vide meat, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit and enjoy perfect results every time. Sous-vide is a precise, gentle method of cooking: food is placed in a water bath, protected by a food-safe airtight bag, and cooked at a controlled temperature. Cooking food in a sealed bag locks in all the ingredients’ flavor and nutritional benefits. You control the Thermomix® temperature, allowing for better accuracy in your cooking.

There are two ways to seal the bags: either manually by immersing heat-resistant zip lock bags in water to remove air or using a vacuum sealer.

For perfect results, cut the food pieces to roughly the same size and thickness. Season well and place in the bag or bags. Lay the food as flat as possible in the bag(s).

Marinating tougher cuts of meat tenderizes and enhances flavor. Add some of the marinade to the sous-vide bag and use the water immersion method to seal them.

For the water immersion method, place the food in high quality zipper-lock bags. Look for bags made without BPA (Bisphenol A). They are widely available from major retailers (polythene bags are not suitable for cooking food). Fill a sink or large bowl with water. Seal the bag, leaving a gap in the seal of approximately 1 inch. Submerge the bag leaving the open seal above the water. The pressure of the water will force the air out. Fully seal the bag just before submerging completely.

Cooking with Sous-Vide Mode

4 Easy Steps for Sous-Vide Cooking Without a Recipe

Sous-Vide with Simmering Basket:

  1. Prepare the bag(s) with the desired ingredients, season to taste, seal and place in simmering basket.
  2. Insert simmering basket into mixing bowl and add water, ensure bag(s) are fully submerged. Remove simmering basket with bags.
  3. Add juice of ½ a lemon and heat Sous-vide/15 min/temperature indicated per ingredient.
  4. Place simmering basket, with bag(s) into mixing bowl and cook Sous-vide/time indicated per ingredient/temperature indicated per ingredient. Remove simmering basket with spatula and serve, or sear before serving, according to your recipe.

Blade Cover:

  1. Preparing: Prepare the bag(s) with the desired ingredients, season to taste and seal.
  2. Insert Blade Cover. Place the sealed bag(s) on top of the blade cover and cover with water to fully submerge the bags. Remove bag(s) and set aside while the water heats to temperature.
  3. Add juice of ½ a lemon and heat Sous-vide/15 minutes/temperature indicated per ingredient.
  4. Place the bag(s) in the heated water and cook Sous-vide/time indicated per ingredient/temperature indicated per ingredient. Remove bag(s) using tongs and serve or sear before serving.

Good to Know…

• The juice of half a squeezed lemon or a level teaspoon of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) must be added to the water to protect the mixing bowl. The amount of water depends on the volume of the bags. Add enough water to fully submerge the bags, and not higher than the maximum fill level.
• Only use the vacuum pack bags once.
• For sous-vide cooking, we recommend buying frozen fish or seafood that has been frozen at a minimum of -4°F for at least 24 hours. Thaw before cooking.

Sous-Vide Reference Temperature and Time per Ingredient*

Asparagus: 5 oz peeled asparagus, 5½ in. long Sous-vide/15 min/179ºF
Salmon: 5 oz fresh salmon fillet, 1 in. thick Sous-vide/45 min/132ºF
Medium-Rare Beef Steak: 6-7 oz each, 1 in. thick Sous-vide/1 h 30 min/130ºF

Beef Brisket: 21-28 oz cut in 2 pieces, 2-2⅓ in. thick Sous-vide/12 h/185ºF
Pork Chops: 12 oz each, 1⅓ in. thick Sous-vide/1 h 30 min/158ºF
Pork Cheeks: 3½-5 oz each Sous-vide/8 h/185ºF
Chicken Breast: 9-10½ oz each, ¾-1 in. thick Sous-vide/1 h 30 min/162ºF

Apricots: 10½-12 oz, 3 units, halved Sous-vide/1 h/175ºF

• These temperatures and times are the reference after the water is heated.
• If your ingredients have a different weight or thickness, adjust the times.
• Searing meat and poultry after sous-vide cooking will add flavor.
• Marinating meat and poultry before cooking will add extra flavor.

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