TM6® Modes Make Cooking Even Easier

A mode is an automated function that allows Thermomix® to handle a specific task for you. For instance, TM5 customers are already familiar with Turbo, which operates Thermomix® at maximum speed, in short bursts, or Dough mode, which mimics the kneading of a professional baker. Thermomix® TM6 offers new modes to enhance your cooking abilities further and to make your daily cooking experience even easier.


Washing up after dinner becomes a quick and painless process. Place approximately 35 oz water and a little drop of dish washing liquid or 2 oz vinegar into the mixing bowl, start the mode and Thermomix® will pre-clean itself.


Use the Kettle mode to heat up water for a cup of tea or to boil pasta. Choose the temperature and Thermomix® will heat it precisely for you, then notify you when it reaches the target. For white tea, set the temperature to 160°F for green or black tea and 212°F for pasta water.


This is the perfect mode for your purées, smoothies or smooth soups. Blend will start slowly and gradually increase to full blending speed. You can try this mode in our Basic Soup Purée.

Slow Cook

Slow cooking in Thermomix® cooks over a longer period of time than regular recipes, bringing out the full flavor of ingredients. Cuts of meat become soft and succulent after slow cooking in Thermomix® while the blade cover keeps meat protected from the blade. Choose economical cuts of meat, such as pork shoulder, lamb shoulder, beef brisket or chicken thighs, and enjoy the results.


With the Sous-Vide mode you can cook ingredients to your preference, perfectly every time, using either the simmering basket or the blade cover. Food is vacuum packed in a food-safe, heat-resistant sealed bag, in a water bath, at a precisely controlled temperature. This method locks in all the flavor and nutritional benefits of the food. There are two ways to seal the bags: either manually by water immersion with heat-resistant zip lock bags, or using a vacuum sealer.


Use the fermentation mode to make yogurts, cheeses or proof a yeast dough in the Varoma dish. Set the time up to 12 hours with a temperature between 100°F-160°F. Use constant temperatures to ferment directly in the mixing bowl or to create a warm environment in the Varoma placed above water in the mixing bowl. For Plain Yogurt made in jars in the Varoma dish see the recipe here.

Water and salty liquids should only be used in the long cooking modes, such as Slow Cook, Sous-Vide and Fermentation when an acidic ingredient is added to the water (e.g. lemon juice, vinegar or asorbic acid). This prevents the possible oxidation of metal.

Closed Modes

In addition to the open modes, available when you swipe the home screen, you also can find the High Temperature mode and the Sugar Stages mode inside Guided Cooking recipes. These two closed modes are directly linked to the recipes as the success is guaranteed by the use of specific ingredients and amounts.

These high temperature modes offer an enhanced Thermomix® cooking experience; developing richer flavors and enabling new cooking techniques.

• Use the High Temp. mode to add flavor to your own recipes, such as browning onions for a stew or a slow cooked pulled pork. Caramelize onions to garnish a burger or add to mashed potatoes. Sautéed leeks are a perfect side for steamed white fish or chicken breast.

• With the Sugar Stages mode, different cooked sugar stages are possible in Thermomix®. Try the Honeycomb recipe and dip in melted chocolate, or use pieces as a topping on your favorite chocolate cake. The Caramel Sauce is delicious over simple pancakes or a vanilla ice-cream.

You’ll find further explanations for each one by touching its information icon on your Thermomix®. We are constantly programming new modes to make our customers’ lives easier. So, keep an eye out for the latest updates!