7 Pro tips to level up your food photography

With a few tweaks to your lighting and composition, you can start art directing food shots like a pro. Just follow these simple steps to take your Thermomix® recipe photos from mediocre to magnificent!

1. Fresh is best
The most important rule is that your food should look fresh. Plating salads or garnishes too far in advance of serving will most likely result in leaves looking sad and wilted. Keep garnishes on ice or in cold water and add them to your dish at the last moment.

2. Good lighting matters

Before you pick up your camera or phone, make sure you’ve got your dish set in its best light. Natural light is always better than artificial light. A spot near the window with sunlight streaming in is ideal. Just be sure it’s illuminating only one side to create subtle shadows and depth.

3. Make a mess
Gone are the days of perfect, neatly styled dishes. These days a little chaos and an authentic dash of creativity go a long way towards creating a gorgeous, stylish dinner.

4. Say it with style
It’s time to sprinkle in some props to make the image pop and make your dishes look even more appetizing. You don’t need to buy anything fancy. Pretty bowls and interesting looking plates will do the trick. Add in some cutlery in crisscross or a gently draped napkin to create visual interest, and don’t forget to include taste triggers such as herbs or other ingredients like fresh tomato used in the recipe to highlight the flavors in the dish.

5. Stacking
Height is an important element when it comes to styling and shooting a dish. Flat food can lack a bit of interest so think about adding additional layers to food such as flans. For example, you can really transform a flan or quiche by stacking some caramelized onions, greens leaves and sour cream on top. Not only are you adding visual interest but some new flavour too.

6. Keep it composed
How you place your plate on the table or showcase an ingredient is the final step to bring your food to life. Don’t get too close to your subject so you can take advantage of negative space to allow it to breathe and create drama. Also pay close attention to the number of items in your picture. Odd numbers tend to draw the eye more and don’t be afraid to leave them wanting more with pieces falling outside of the frame.

7. Have fun

Once you’ve mastered the basics, the most important rule is to have fun. Get creative and do lots of experimentation to see what works best. If it makes your mouth water, it will definitely appeal to your viewers, so find your visual voice and let loose. Food is all about feeling good from your eyes to your tastebuds. Enjoy!

Don’t forget a compelling caption!