Back to School, with a Good Snack!

The summer is coming to an end and it’s almost time to go back to school. Your little one may be heading to nursery or after-school activities, so you need to make a balanced (and tasty) playground snack for them to enjoy.

Get into the Swing of Things

Going back to work while managing your little one’s return to school is not easy. A few days before school starts, establish a few habits to help you throughout the year.

Identify when snacks will be needed: on Wednesdays, your little one is with grandma, so there’s no need to provide anything to eat. It’s the other days when a snack will be needed at school. Set up a schedule that ties in your cooking needs to aid your planning.

Use our Cookidoo® Tips: bookmark those recipes that your child loves and are easy to make or create your own collection of snack time favorites. Save time by adding the ingredients to your shopping list to make sure they’re always on-hand.

(Seasonal) fruit, chocolate, butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, etc: will always come in handy. Make sure you always have a stock of these products, so they’re easy to find in the kitchen!

A Healthy Snack… That’s Great Value!

Additives, colorings, preservatives… store-bought cakes and cookies often contain things you don’t want your little one to eat. By using your Thermomix® to cook healthy and natural foods, it’s easier to control what your child will snack on. And it will keep your costs down!

• It’s strawberry season? Why not use your Thermomix® to make jam for Peanut Butter and Jam Thumbprint Cookies or PB&J Muffins? It’s cheaper than buying a pack at the supermarket. And guaranteed to please your family!

• Selecting your own ingredients (butter, flour, etc.), allows you to ensure the quality of your little one’s food. Choose recipes that meet your childs dietary needs and make notes to adapt ingredients to suit your family.

Plan Ahead

There’s no need to juggle making snacks and getting dinner ready. Start on the weekend for a more relaxed experience. For example, use your Thermomix® to make Brioche on Sunday afternoon. Leave it to cool, then wrap it in cling wrap or place it in an airtight container. It will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days and is as great at breakfast as it toasted for sandwiches.

If you make jams, cookies, pastries, bread, etc. in advance, you’ll have plenty to choose from at snack time.

Go a step further and ask your child to help select recipes. You’re certain to have great fun! If they are old enough, try browsing Cookidoo® to select recipes that can turn into tasty school snacks together.

The Right Container

Preparing a 100% homemade snack is great, but keep it fresh using a colorful container or little snack box that’s easy to slip into your child’s backpack. Choose modern and/or customizable designs, made with materials that are easy to clean and reuseable. These boxes protect cookies and cakes, prevent liquids from leaking out and keep fruit ready to eat.

Your child’s eyes will light up when they unpack their snack at school: “My Daddy/Mommy made this for me with their Thermomix®!”