7 Tips and Tricks for Your Varoma

The Varoma is ideal for multi-level and steam cooking. Highlight the flavor of delicate fish or vegetables to ensure perfect and juicy results, steam a variety of desserts and so much more.

Discover 7 daily tips and tricks to get the most out of your Varoma.

1. Cooking Rice and Cake in the Varoma

All you need is a heat resistant cake pan or dish that fits inside the Varoma and allows you to close the lid to ensure proper cooking. Check out our delicious Steamed Carrot Cake

2. Use the Varoma as a Salad Spinner

Use the Varoma dish to wash vegetables and fruit under running water, then cover with the Varoma lid and shake well to remove excess water.

3. Delicious Yogurts in Varoma with Thermomix® TM6™

Use Fermentation  mode to become a master of yogurt making. Try our Blueberry Yogurt

4. Cook Ingredients to Perfection

Cook ingredients that take longer in the Varoma dish and those that have a shorter cooking time in the Varoma tray. This ensures optimal cooking time and results!

5. Serve More

Use the Varoma dish, the Varoma tray and the mixing bowl altogether to cook as many ingredients as possible at the same time when preparing your recipes. Try our Summer Squash Soup, Fish, Rice, Vegetables and Crumble

6. Drain Vegetables and Pasta

Use the Varoma as a colander for cooked pasta or vegetables.

7. Lining the Varoma with Parchment Paper

Enjoy the delicious juices of your perfectly steamed ingredients. Parchment paper captures the juices and prevents them from mixing in with other ingredients in the mixing bowl. To perfectly line your Varoma, wet the parchment paper before placing it in the tray or dish. Remember to leave some holes on the sides of the Varoma tray or dish uncovered to ensure proper steam circulation.

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