The Luxury of Leftovers – Saving Precious Time

Dinner is planned and halfway cooked when you have leftovers to use. The thrifty cook will appreciate knowing that costs are kept in check, and your midweek meals are in hand, and ready to go.

Make your dish of the day from the fridge!

Put together all the leftovers from the week and reinvent a delicious dinner. The only rule is that nothing can be left!

Two slices of meat, a carrot, some fish, two boiled potatoes. All kinds of ingredients can be turned into new dishes by adding one or another new element. With a pastry base, for example, you can easily make a quiche; with some rice, most ingredients can turn into a risotto; and a little cheese magically transforms leftovers into dinner.

Cook in pastry:

Shortcrust pastry is easy to make up in Thermomix®; store a batch in the freezer, already rolled out or partially rolled out for faster thawing, to easily make a quiche out of leftovers. Quiche fillings can be made from any number of ingredient combinations and stirred into a seasoned egg base. Stir in cooked vegetables from the fridge, bacon or tuna leftovers. Other combinations to try are cooked, shredded chicken and onion, diced salmon and zucchini, or chopped ham. See our quiche recipe for the pastry and base egg mixture.

Make a risotto:

Use our classic Parmesan risotto recipe here as a base to create your own recipe with your leftovers. Cooked sausages turn a risotto into a hearty meal, and leftover cheese such as brie or cheddar make a tasty combination with cauliflower or broccoli.

Add some cheese:

When you sprinkle grated cheese on top and melt it in the oven, leftovers can be transformed into a new dish. Leftover ratatouille becomes a bake when you grate cheese on top. Grate cheese on top of mashed potatoes, or on top of spaghetti, and melt it in for an instant warming dish that kids will love.

To make the most of leftovers, here is a roundup of our favorite tips for planning ahead, saving time and money:

• When grapes and citrus have lost their sheen, and the bananas are brown, they are still good to eat. Simply add them to your daily Thermomix® smoothie.
• Mix leftover mashed potatoes with chopped greens, and fry in a little oil for a tasty breakfast or side dish.
• Make twice the amount of rice or pasta that you need and refrigerate the rest in a sealed container. The next day heat the leftover rice or pasta in the Varoma, while making a soup in the Thermomix®.
• When you have small amounts of cheese leftover, simply freeze until ready to use. The frozen cheese can be grated or used in crackers.