Fish Marinades

Flavorful Fish

Hot or cold, savory or slightly sweet, as a marinade, dip or side, these sauces will tantalize your taste buds.

3 Classic Sauces

A fish cooked perfectly with Thermomix®, some crusty bread… and round off the plate with one of these classics:
Mayonnaise. There are two schools of thought: those who enjoy it with cold fish and those who have no problem serving it with a hot dish.
White Butter Sauce: essential to accompany fish and shellfish, but also perfect with steamed potatoes and carrots!
Tartar Sauce: creamy, sweet and spicy, perfect for serving next to your favorite seafood dishes.

Explore your most exotic side with ingredients to season your sauces and marinades when it comes to fish. Lemon, passion fruit, lemongrass, soy sauce… so many ingredients to flavor the fragile flesh of the fish. The only rule to follow is time! No more than 30 minutes of marinating, otherwise the fish will start to cook. The finer the fish is cut, the less time it needs to marinate. Be sure to discard any uncooked marinade and do not serve it with cooked fish.

Our Tips:

• Preparing a warm sauce in your Thermomix®? Take the opportunity to steam your fish in the Varoma at the same time!
• Cold sauces require patience: one night in the refrigerator allows them to blend all their flavors perfectly.
• Be careful with eggs: egg-based sauces are the most delicate. Be sure to follow our advice in the Cookidoo® recipes to preserve them in the best possible conditions.
• Be daring! This especially applies to your marinades. If you’re just starting out, olive oil is an excellent base. You can then flavor it (with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, herbs etc.) to give your fish some sunshine!

My Marinades