3 More Reasons to Love Your TM5

Fall in love with your TM5 all over again! Connect your Cook-Key to receive three innovative upgrades to make your life cleaner, easier, and safer. The Thermomix® is the first machine of its kind that gets smarter with each update, adding features designed to bring you the latest technology available to keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently.

Clean-Up's a Breeze

With the next software update, you'll be able to enjoy everyone's favorite Pre-Cleaning Mode to facilitate the cleaning process of your mixing bowl. This mode makes clean-up a breeze by dissolving even the toughest ingredients like caked-on batter. Simply add 35 oz water and a drop of dish soap or 2 oz of vinegar and Thermomix® will do the rest.

Find Your Favorite Mode Faster

We all have our favorite mode or simply the one we use the most. Find your favorite even faster when you select it as your LongPress Favorite. This new feature allows you to create a shortcut link to your favorite mode that can be accessed by simply 'long-pressing' the mode button, saving you that little extra time.

Lock It Down

Keep your kitchen under control with One-Touch Instant Lock Mode. Locking the screen in between using the device will prevent unwanted access during the cooking process. It works just like your smartphone in that you'll be asked to select a PIN when you first set up the mode and that same PIN will be needed before any other functions can be selected. Without a pin, no additional functions can be selected while the screen is locked. Thermomix® users with children at home may find this added safety feature especially beneficial.

We will be rolling out these updates in the coming weeks to every TM5, so keep an eye out. Once prompted, be sure that your device is connected with a Cook-Key to download the new software and experience these exciting enhancements.

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