5 Tips For Your Homemade Pantry

The word pantry conjures up visions of domestic charm and has become one of the most desired and necessary storage features in today's kitchen.

Carefully labeled pantry essentials. Neat rows of flours, pastes, pickles and preserves. Jars of tomato sauce, crunchy granola, freshly gound spices, baskets of potatoes, the sweet aroma of fresh seasonal fruits, containers of soft chewy cookies and crisp crackers…

A well-stocked pantry with all the essentials provides inspiration and truly is a game-changer for any home chef. The pleasure of cooking and baking at home, along with the passion for knowing exactly what’s going into our food, contributes to the desire for the best homemade ingredients.

With Thermomix® it’s easy to prepare your own allergy-free ingredients, from Gluten-Free Flour and Egg-Free Mayonnaise to Almond Milk and Cashew Butter Spread.

The Many Advantages of Homemade Ingredients

• More affordable
• Made fresh
• Generates less waste and more sustainable
• Prepared to your taste and needs
• Knowing exactly what you are putting on your plate

Thermomix® functions such as chopping, grinding, blending, and kneading, allow you to make your own condiments and dressings; sauces, spice mixes, seasonings and stocks; butters, oils and ferments that will change the way you cook and make it a wonderful experience.

5 Tips To Stock and Organize Your Homemade Pantry:

1) Buy in Bulk and in Season

Buying ingredients in bulk and in season saves you money and is also better for the environment. Use berries for jams, pumpkins for homemade pie filling, or fresh basil for pesto.

2) Store Whole Ingredients for Endless Possibilities

Keep granulated sugar in your pantry and grind it into confectioners sugar whenever you need it. You can also make your own flour mix from whole grains. If you have more rice than you know what to do with, you can easily grind it to make rice flour, which you can use in many recipes.

3) Store Homemade Sauces For Quick Dinners

Your Thermomix® shows its superpowers when it comes to making sauces. Whether it’s a curry, pasta sauce, or pesto, they are all so easy to make from scratch.

4) Buy Whole Spices

Spices stay fresh longer when you buy them in their whole form. Always grind your own ingredients when you need them to retain their freshness and flavor, then store and use them later.

5) Stay Organized

Have you come across a mysterious jar in your pantry? An organized labeling system will help keep track of contents and best by dates. Prepare one or two items to make at home each week and you’ll soon have a pantry brimming with your own homemade goods.

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