5 Christmas Cookie Ideas

Sugar, ginger, lemon... some of the many aromas of the festive season! Discover our five ideas for Thermomix® Christmas cookies and treats and fill your home with the irresistible scents of the season.

Before You Start:

• Remember to take the butter, and if necessary, eggs, and any other ingredients out of the refrigerator so that they are at room temperature.
• Set all your utensils and supplies out on the counter (cookie cutters, rolling pin, decorations, etc.).
• Collect airtight containers to store the cookies and pre-cut parchment paper to the size of your containers to help separate more delicate cookies into layers.

Tip: To prevent the cookies cutters from sticking to the dough, flour them before cutting!

1. Ginger and Spices

2. Chocolate and Nuts

3. Lemon and Orange

Cookie Gift Box

Get creative and prepare a special gift box! Prepare several cookie varieties with different sizes and shapes, and get creative with toppings and fillings! Wrap everything in tissue paper and place in a festive cookie tin. Want more Christmas gift ideas?

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4. Sugar and Cinnamon

5. Ready to Gift

Multi-Purpose Cookie Cutters!

Once you’ve prepared all your Christmas cookies, why not use the cookie cutters as decoration? Check out some fun ideas below:
• Cookie-cutter Christmas wreaths
• Festive napkin "rings"
• Christmas ornaments for the Christmas tree
• Use decorative cutters to cut orange or lemon peel and create a garland. A fun way to decorate your kitchen while adding a nice citrus aroma to your home!

Don't Forget the Basics!

Same Dough, Different Flavors

If you've already found a cookie dough you love, there’s no need for change! Simply make a large quantity of dough and divide it up so you can make batches with different combinations and toppings: nuts, chocolate chips, frosting...!

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