Beyond the Brew

Harnessing the Flavors of Coffee in Cooking

Cooking with Coffee

Coffee is one of those universally beloved beverages. With notes of caramel, fruit, and chocolate, it enlivens the palate with a single sip. But there are more ways to capture the sweet and smokiness of this mocha-enhanced elixir than just drinking it alone.

Cooking with coffee can enrich the flavors of any dish from dinner to dessert, adding an earthy taste to everything from meats to marinades and imparting bittersweet undertones to cakes and cookies. It can also help reduce waste by using your leftover java in juices and smoothies to give you a caffeinated boost.

Tenderize and enliven your meat

A few spoonfuls of coffee in your marinade is all it takes to tenderize beef and add delicious dimension to the dish as the coffee caramelizes. It’s also an excellent addition to barbecue sauce for grilled chicken and a sprinkle of it in chili helps round out the flavor and subdue the heat.

Use it as a savory spice rub

If you grind your coffee at home in tour trusty Thermomix®, you can incorporate some of it into a spice rub, giving instant buzz to your dishes. Simply mix it together with some salt, paprika, plus any of your favorite savory seasonings and slather it on before grilling or combine it with cocoa for a toffee-like crust on pork, brisket, or rack of lamb.

There’s nothing better than freshly ground coffee!

With Thermomix®, easily grind coffee beans for the freshest cup of joe! Simply grind coffee beans for 1 min on speed 9. Adjust the time based on your desired grind!

Give your desserts an espresso infusion

If you enjoy the flavor of coffee in desserts, espresso powder is a potent pop of roasted mocha that dissolves completely in hot water, transforming any treat into a lush and creamy confection. You just need a small amount to add dark chocolate zest to brownies, coffee cake, and of course, tiramisu. Or reduce it with sugar and cream to create a silky semifreddo.

Drink in the delectability

You don’t need to think outside the cup to arouse the senses with smooth hints of caramel, citrus, florals, and stone fruit. Savoring all the complexities of coffee in liquid form is a comforting experience either as a hot cappuccino or cold, quenching latte. Best of all, you can experiment with different beans and brewing techniques to master a mouthwatering, full-bodied roast.