Keep Kids Busy

Being at home can be challenging for both parents and children. Patience, stimulation and creativity are essential ingredients for learning and having fun.

Start with a Cooking Contest

Challenge the little ones to have a cooking contest. Each child can be responsible for creating a recipe and the parents can act as the jury. Create a voting system with numbers or smiles. Cook their recipes, let the creator of the recipe plate and serve. The recipe with the best flavor and presentation wins!

Mini Masterchefs

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Ponies or Superheroes?

Children love things that are "out of the box" or that break the rules! Why not have a picnic in the living room? Let the little ones dress up or invite their favorite toys: Spider-Man, Batman, princesses or ponies. Then, simply put a large picnic blanket on the floor and have fun!

Indoor Picnic with Superheroes

Tea Time in a Fort

No Yeast? No Problem!

Kids want to make homemade bread but you've run out of yeast? There are many options to make your own. Old dough, sourdough, chemical leavening, flatbreads...Read our article to learn more!

Make Your Own Yeast

Always Keep Moving

Create a physical activity routine to use up energy. Anything goes: dancing, treasure hunts, somersaults, picking up toys from the floor and even cleaning up the house. Try the “fill and tidy the pantry challenge” with the help of the kids:

• Remove everything and arrange by categories (canned goods, spices, cereals, preserves, baking …).
• If preferred, line the shelves with paper.
• Fill the pantry with homemade ingredients.
• Use airtight jars and containers, preferably transparent, to preserve cookies, granola, jam and others.
• Print labels at home to identify the jars.

Fill the Pantry

Knead, Shape and Cut

Make a simple dough, let the little ones roll it out, cut it with fun shapes and decorate. You can even decorate “virtual cookies” that you take pictures of to share with family and friends.

Simple Dough Recipe