Thicken and Rice Cooker TM6® Modes

The Thicken Mode  was developed to create delicious sauces to enrich your everyday dishes, and the Rice Cooker Mode  cooks rice and other grains right in the mixing bowl. With these intelligent and automated modes, Thermomix® makes your daily cooking experience even easier.

Thicken Mode 

The perfect mode to make your savory or sweet starch-thickened sauces, hot emulsified sauces and desserts and custards. With this mode, you can easily make your family recipes in your Thermomix®. Simply place the ingredients in the mixing bowl, select the mode, set the temperature (see Quick Tips below), and turn to start Thicken Mode. Thermomix® will control the cooking time based on the amount of ingredients, type of ingredients and temperature.

Quick Tips

For starch-thickened recipes set temperature to 212ºF – These recipes are thickened using any type of flour, such as all-purpose, corn starch or tapioca flour as the thickening agent. Béchamel Sauce, Soubise Sauce, or Crème Patissiére are some recipes using a starch as the thickening agent.
For egg-thickened recipes set temperature to 175ºF – These recipes use eggs or egg yolks as the thickening agent, and include hot emulsified sauces, desserts or spreads. Try the Citrus Cheesecake, Frozen Custard, or Orange Liqueur Zabaglione.
For hot emulsified sauces use the butterfly whisk – The butterfly whisk will incorporate more air into your sauces, creating the perfect egg foam. The whisk is ideal for Zabaglione.

Check Out the Thicken Mode

Rice Cooker Mode 

The Rice Cooker Mode cooks more than just rice! You can also cook grains like millet or bulgur with the Rice Cooker Mode. Place the grain of your choice in the mixing bowl along with water and seasoning, select Rice Cooker and turn to start the mode. The temperature and cooking time are automatically controlled by Thermomix®.

Quick Tips

Simmering basket – place simmering basket instead of measuring cup onto mixing bowl lid when using the Rice Cooker Mode.
Portion sizes – use approximately 2.5 oz of rice per portion.
Water ratio– the ratio of water will depend on the grain you are using, the brand and the amount of grain. Start by using the Basic Rice Cooker recipes to familiarize yourself with the water ratios for each grain and then adjust to your own taste.
Brown or whole grain rice – soak brown rice or whole grains before cooking. Follow the recipe indications for soaking times.

The Rice Cooker Mode

Make sure to do the latest updates on your Thermomix® TM6® to access new modes. When an update is available, you will be notified by your Thermomix® and can select ‘Install update’. The Thermomix® TM6® may switch itself off and on again several times during the update. Do not disconnect the Thermomix® TM6® while the update is being downloaded and installed. You’ll find further explanations for each mode by clicking the information icon on your Thermomix®. Enjoy!