20 Must-Try Ice Creams

Discover our ice cream tips and suggestions - from creamy and decadent, to lighter, fruity and even dairy-free options. Welcome to the best ice cream parlor of the summer - Cookidoo®!

Cone or Cup?

The Perfect Mode for Ice Cream

TM6™ Thicken Mode

Many ice creams are made with a custard base consisting of eggs, milk and sugar. For even creamier and smoother results, use the Thicken mode to prepare the perfect custard base! To thicken your custard or lemon curd base, set the temperature to 175°F.

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The Latest Ice Cream Trends

From dairy-free ice creams to sugar-free options, ice creams for special diets are trending this year. In contrast, nostalgic flavors that remind us of our childhood (malt, caramel, peanut butter and jelly) are also gaining popularity. Savory and adventurous flavors like beetroot and textured ice creams (mixed with ingredients like cookies, chocolate, or caramel) are also trending!

Favorite Childhood Ice Cream Treats!

Serving the Perfect Scoop

Remove your ice cream from the freezer to soften slightly before scooping. Instead of digging your scoop deep down into the ice cream container, try smoothly running it across the surface in a swiveling motion to create a perfect ball of ice cream!

Something Deliciously Vegan, Please!

Tips for Perfecting your Ice Cream Textures

Adding Chunks and Flavors
For best results, ingredients such as vanilla extract or chocolate should be added directly to the ice cream base, whereas chunky ingredients such as cookies or nuts should be added immediately before freezing!

Making Creamier Ice Creams
• The more fat (cream), the softer and creamier your ice cream will be
• Liquid sweeteners such as honey, corn syrup or glucose ensure your ice cream has a creamy and stable texture
• A little alcohol such as a fruit liqueur or vodka also contribute to a smoother texture and a tangy taste
• For a softer consisitency, freeze your ice cream in a shallow container covered with cling wrap

Refreshing Fruit Sorbets

For more inspiration, check out all our ice cream recipes!

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