Perfect Eggs Every Time with Thermomix®

With controlled heat and time, Thermomix® cooks eggs exactly as you like them, every time. Eggs are a very inexpensive source of high-quality protein. Packed with vitamins and minerals, eggs are the ultimate convenience food. Here are a few tips for how to make the best of your eggs.

Easy as Boiling an Egg…

Thermomix® takes the guesswork out of boiling eggs and cooks it exactly how you like it every time. First, choose large eggs that have been refrigerated – medium eggs or room temperature eggs will give a different result. If you like your eggs with runny egg yolks and firm egg whites, follow the Boiled Eggs instructions and set the time to 11 minutes precisely. The recipe gives instructions for all preferences. Once you find your perfect setting, you’ll be rewarded with consistently reliable results, without having to stand over a pot of boiling water.

Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Eggs are a classic breakfast option but there’s so much more to eggs than poached, boiled and scrambled! Try searching on Cookidoo® for breakfast egg recipes: search for “eggs” and filter on “breakfast” to discover some new and exciting breakfast ideas Breakfast.

Have you tried making a steamed omelet in Thermomix? First, layer the Varoma tray with parchment paper. Trace around the Varoma tray and then cut out the parchment paper. Crumpling the paper under running water makes it easier to adhere to the Varoma tray so that it fits well, leaving the vents on the sides open for steam to circulate. This method is described in the recipe for the Three Egg French Omelet, which can be adapted to your family’s preference.

Soufflés make an impressive starter, and Thermomix® makes it easy to whip them up. Try the Quick Cheese Soufflés, where the whole eggs are used, no separating required.

Effortless Desserts

Sabayon, or Zabaglione… this restaurant-style dessert is easy to make at home in Thermomix®. It has a rich and creamy texture, which needs careful and constant attention when cooked on the stove, but Thermomix® will cook it perfectly every time. Custards, Crème Anglaise and Lemon Curd become quick desserts in Thermomix®. Serve with a few shortbread biscuits or as part of a more elaborate dish and impress your guests.

Are Raw Eggs Safe to Eat?

Recipes with raw eggs, such as mayonnaise or tiramisu, should be kept in the fridge, and consumed in a very short time after preparation. Take care to avoid serving raw eggs to vulnerable groups such as elderly people, very young children or anyone who is unwell. Use pasteurized eggs to avoid this risk or take advantage of recipe for Pasteurized Eggs to pasteurize eggs with Thermomix®.

Eggs and Thermomix® are Made for Each Other

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