Strawberry Season

You know it's summer when you take that first bite into a sweet and juicy strawberry. Strawberries are one of the first fruit to ripen each year. Now is the perfect time to enjoy delicious strawberry delicacies like strawberry tarts, jams and other sweet and savory treats.

A Fun and Fruity Breakfast

Sweet Strawberry Bakes

Heavenly Pairings

Classic pairings include ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate. But why not get creative and try pairing strawberries with fresh basil or mint, balsamic vinegar, nuts, cinnamon, chili, cardamom, or soft and mild cheeses. Having a get-together? Soak strawberries in champagne, rum or Grand Marnier for an extra kick in your desserts!

Center Stage

Did Someone Say Jam?

Enjoy strawberries even after the peak season! When the strawberry harvest is plentiful, use perfectly red, ripe and aromatic strawberries to make delicious jam and jellies. Thermomix® makes jam preparation easy, fast and fun!

Jam Tips

Perfectly Paired Strawberries

Sweet and Juicy Strawberries

Don’t miss out on strawberry season! Start making cakes, salads, sorbets, and so much more with this very versatile fruit.

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