7 Facts about High Temperature Mode 

While some foods require low heat for the perfect texture, others need a blast of heat to bring out intense, slightly toasted flavors and crispy textures.

1. High Temperature Mode is…

…the perfect starting point for any recipe that would benefit from more intense flavors. Using temperatures above 248ºF, this Mode is ideal for cooking techniques like sautéing, browning, and caramelizing.

2. How to use

When working at high temperatures, safety is essential. For this reason, recipes using the High Temperature Mode are only available through Cookidoo® Guided Cooking recipes. Once you find a recipe using High Temperature Mode on Cookidoo®, simply follow the instructions on your Thermomix® screen.

3. Benefits

Sautéing, browning, and caramelizing ingredients adds color, aromas, and flavors to recipes like sauces, stews, rice and pasta.

4. What recipes can you prepare?

Caramelized onions and vegetables, sautéed meats, shrimp… just to name a few! Check out some of our favorite recipes below.

5. Tips

• When using the High Temperature Mode, always remember to ensure the success of recipes with high temperatures the ingredients must match exactly in quantity and description given. • Dry the pieces of meat with a paper towel before adding them to the mixing bowl. After cooking at high temperatures, use the Pre-Clean Mode (Browned bottom option) to help clean the mixing bowl.

6. Perfect flavors

Make the most of this mode by combining it with other cooking techniques or even other modes:
• Start your recipe by sauteing meat with High Temperature Mode for an aromatic and browned outside, and then finish off cooking with Slow Cook Mode to create a perfectly tender and flavorful dish.
• Take your soups to the next level! Start by browning onions at high temperature and then cook all your vegetables in a delicious onion-flavored broth!

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