Making the most of root vegetables

During these longer, darker, chilly months, we naturally crave rich, hearty comfort foods. Root vegetables thrive in cold weather, safely hidden underground absorbing nutrients that fortify them as some of the heartiest, healthiest foods in the fall.

From butternut squash to beets, these super-foods are packed with vitamins and nutrients, all especially important in our diets during autumn and winter. Satisfying and simple in both savory and sweet dishes, vibrant and flavorsome root vegetables are high in fiber, low in fat and as healthy as they are hearty.

Great ways to enjoy root vegetables

Roasted, boiled, blended, stir-fried, curried, grated and even juiced, these versatile veggies complement comforting autumn recipes perfectly. Creamy or spicy, smoky or sweet, there are no limits to harnessing the heights of the humble root vegetable with Thermomix®.

For a heart-warming side dish, try something new like our Carrot and Parsnip Mash.

Make light work of a mid-week meal by tossing all your root vegetables into one deep dish, add seasoning and drizzle with oil. Oven roasting root vegetables really brings out the flavor, maximizes oven space and saves on clean up. Root vegetables are also the perfect ingredients for a Vegetable Gratin or tempting stew.

It’s never too early to introduce little ones to their first taste of yummy soft, creamy vegetables. Potatoes and vegetables make a nutritious Vegetable-Potato-Meat Purée. Thermomix® makes it easy to prepare fresh, high quailty meals that suit your little ones preferences and needs.

Get creative with vegetable peels

Keep the peel on root vegetables for a rustic presentation, to enjoy more fiber, save time and minimize food waste.

If you need to peel the vegetables, use the peels in homemade broths, soups, vegetable chips, baked goods or as a garnish.

Try something sweet

Don’t reserve your veggies for savory dishes. If you’re looking to encourage young children to get their five-a-day, try rustling up an irresistible Steamed Carrot Cake. Puddings, scones, Chocolate Carrot Muffins, a tempting slice of Chocolate Beet Cake or a Carrot Cake Cookies make for a welcome, well-earned treat after a hard day at school or for those treasured quiet moments with a much-needed cup of tea and a favorite book.

Embrace root vegetables in all their glory this fall

Enjoy Autumn