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Everybody's favorite dessert flavor is made easy with Thermomix®. Come discover the world of chocolate in Cookidoo®.

Delicious Chocolate Classics

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Homemade chocolates are perfect for any occasion. Chocolate bonbons can accompany a cup of coffee, end dinner on a sweet note, or make a great treat as a gift for friends. With Thermomix® in the kitchen, you can feel confident to be creative. Melt chocolate at controlled temperatures, chop nuts in a few seconds, emulsify ganache with ease... find ideas to get you started below.

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Chocolate Cake for Every Occasion

The Journey From Bean to Chocolate Bar

The cacao tree grows in the tropical regions of South America, Africa, and parts of Asia. The seeds of its fruit, the cocoa beans, are made into chocolate products after a long and careful process. The farmers scrape out the fruit and ferment the beans. Followed by, drying, roasting and grinding. At this point the paste, called cocoa liquor, can be further separated into cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Different combinations of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder create the different types of chocolate we know: milk, dark and white.

Favorite Chocolate Combinations

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Flavorful Chocolate Pairings

Add raspberries, pears, bananas or oranges to your chocolate dessert for a bright, refreshing note. Chopped nuts or coarse sea salt sprinkled on top will not only add a nice crunch, they will also bring out the flavor of chocolate. White chocolate with almonds and pears is an elegant combination, while salted caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven... Find out how to master caramel in your own kitchen.

All About Caramel

Gourmet Chocolates to Make at Home

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