Thermomix® TM6® Modes: Explained!


Discover a whole world of culinary techniques right at your fingertips

Thermomix® provides you with cooking inspiration and injects creativity into every course – covering everything from the basics for beginners to elaborate techniques found in fine dining restaurants.

What are Modes?

Thermomix® Modes are intelligent cooking and food preparation activities performed with the help of your TM6®’s internal software. The Modes automatically combine the variables of time, temperature and speed, so you just have to start the Thermomix® to always get perfect results. There is a Mode for almost everything, be it for sautéing onions, blending soup, or making yogurt or caramel!

To help you get to know and make the most out of your Thermomix® TM6® Modes, we've grouped them into five categories: Daily Basics; Unique Experiences; Homemade Specials; Easy Routines; and Superfast Chop & Peel. Click on each Mode below to go directly to the step-by-step video and info pages!

Daily Basics

For everyday recipes, use these handy, quick and everyday Modes - practical, easy, and quick!

Unique Experiences

For those occasions when you want to impress your friends and family.

Homemade Specials

There is nothing quite as good as a home-cooked meal made with clean, fresh ingredients with no preservatives.

Easy Routines

There is a special Mode for everything, even for things we do every day, like dishes, warming up soup or making tea.

Superfast Chop & Peel

Chop, slice, grate, and peel all you want… without wasting another minute doing it by hand!

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