4 Tips for adding vegan dishes to your next dinner party

More and more people are adopting new ways of eating and looking for alternatives to replace ingredients like meat, fish, and dairy from their diets. If you, or friends and family, prefer a plant-based plate, there are plenty of ways you can cook with Thermomix® for vegan guests at a dinner party, while also pleasing the meat eaters at the same time.

1. Prepare Smaller Dishes

Entertain in style with a tasty spread of smaller, tapas-style treats. That way, you can save time and serve everything together, family style. Recipes like the Falafels with Hummus and Vegan "Beefy" Burgers are simple, delicious and can be served with a vibrant, nourishing side salad.

2. Serve Cold Dishes

There are many recipes that can be prepared in advance and served cold, which is an ideal time-saver. Try our Vegan Green Pea Fritters, Kamut Salad with spicy Lemon Vinaigrette or the Vegan Crab Cakes, which are perfect for dipping.

3. Make Your Own Meals

Pizza, tacos Cauliflower Tacos Al Pastor, arepas, fajitas and burritos are all things that your guests can make themselves from a selection of ingredients. Serve up all the elements and leave it to them to decide what they eat. That way, you can save yourself some plating time in the kitchen and give your guests a bit of everything they fancy. It also gives meat eaters a chance to explore new vegan flavors!

4. Substitute Ingredients

Introduce your non-vegan guests to the delights of vegan dishes. That way, everyone is happy!

Meat: there are many meat substitutes to choose from. Tofu is great for frying, making it the perfect choice for stir-fry recipes or adding as a protein topping to salads like our Soy Free Tofu with Sriracha Sauce. There’s also jackfruit, which has a shredded texture and can be used as a tasty replacement for pulled pork in burgers. Seitan, made from wheat protein, can be fried or roasted and can replace a variety of meats, including duck, beef and sausage.

Milk: popular dairy milk replacements include soy, almond, oat, and coconut milk, which is great for adding creaminess to curries, broths, and soups. All of these can be used in exactly the same way as dairy milk in a variety of recipes. Of course, with Thermomix®, you can make homemade nut milks yourself – and it’s easy! Try our simple two step recipe for Nut Milk.

Cheese: There are alternatives to almost every cheese, including some of the most popular; parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella. Want to impress? Make your own Vegan Cheese Wheel.

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