Thermomix® it yourself

Take out your glitter and glue gun because it is Make a Gift Day on June 24. This official Thermomix® holiday is a good time to encourage everyone to make homemade gifts for friends and family.

Yummy cookies

Tasty tiny treats

It starts with the right recipe and ends with the right design

Does finding the right packaging for your delicious treats seem challenging? There are many wrapping papers, bags, jars, boxes and labels to choose from. We have gathered the most convenient and beautiful options for you! Discover our tips and tricks.

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Do you crave salty or sweet?

World of granola

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Wrapping is key

Not only do you want to make the gift yourself, you also want to hand-craft the packaging? Great idea! Check out our crafting guide and you have your own packaging done in seconds.

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Homemade basics

Homemade jam

Preparation is Key

Sterilizing the jars and utensils with heat is a must to preserve and ensure your gifts stay delicious. Check out our tips and hints within our recipes to achieve success.