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Whether you’re cooking for yourself, a family of four, or a spontaneous dinner party, our Tested Serving Size recipes have you covered! Tested Serving Sizes have been internally tested and come with Thermomix® Guided Cooking. With Tested Serving Size recipes, we've taken the guesswork out of sizing so you can serve up the perfect amount – every time!

Check out our Tested Serving Size recipe suggestions below and jump right to the perfect serving size! Simply click on the "Serving size" button on the recipe detail page to see more serving size options.

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Not the right serving size for you?

We've got you covered! Automatically adapted servings sizes allow you to customize the number of servings and save them in Created Recipes.

Please note: If you use the automatic adaption process to adjust the number of servings, review your recipe carefully before you start cooking. Not all aspects of a recipe can be scaled automatically.

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