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Rich, creamy risotto is a typical and traditional first course in Italian cuisine. This popular and versatile dish is well-known around the world and enjoyed in the finest restaurants as well as home kitchens. Thanks to Thermomix®, making risotto at home is easy, quick, and fuss-free! Choose from classic, original and gourmet versions of risotto and find your new favorite on Cookidoo®!

Classic Risotto

Original Risotto

4 Secrets to Perfect Thermomix® Risotto

Thanks to Thermomix®, all you need to do to make the perfect risotto is gather your ingredients. If you want to get creative and try your own recipe, check out our tips:

1) Always choose a rice that is suitable for risotto. Some recommended varieties are:

Carnaroli: always al dente, great for sea and land risotto
Vialone nano: rich in starches, ideal for creamy risottos especially with vegetables
Roma: for risotto with a soft and wavy consistency
Baldo: good capacity to absorb seasonings and liquids, has a great creamy texture

2) Toast the rice for 3 min/250°F//speed 1 before cooking to ensure the risotto grains remain intact throughout cooking.
3) Flavor the rice with wine or beer to capture the aromas that will give your risotto an extra special taste.
4) Once cooking is complete, stir in butter and/or cheese, to give the risotto a beautiful sheen and creamy consistency.

Warm-up Mode

Perfectly warmed risotto thanks to the innovative TM6™ Warm-up mode

Risotto is so delicious that there are rarely any leftovers! If you do find yourself with leftovers you can now easily reheat risotto and other dishes thanks to the new TM6™ Warm-up mode. Find out how Thermomix® once again simplifies your life in the kitchen, leaving you with extra time for yourself and your loved ones. Discover 4 dishes that taste even better with Warm-up mode.

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Gourmet Risotto

Discover all the delicious risottos you can prepare with Thermomix®.

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