Celebrate Summer

The long summer evenings are perfect to organize a party. Get inspired with these easy party recipes to delight your friends and family

Quick and Easy Finger Food

Tasty Dips and Spreads for your Party

Salad Bar

Salad is always a good option for a light and fresh meal at a summer party. Prepare two or three different salads, vegetarian, chicken, meat, seafood or pasta. For a freestyle version, just prepare a few salad bases, chop different vegetables and fruits, and add some proteins such as shredded chicken, chopped eggs, cheese or sautéed shrimp. With a choice of dressings or sauces, you have a perfect salad bar for your guests to personalize their salad to their heart’s desire.

More About Salads

Summer Party Salads

Quick Tips

Plan in Advance: search recipes in Cookidoo® that can be made ahead or that are quick to prepare and create your own “Best Summer Party” collection.

Finger Food: individualize your portions for easy serving and eating. Serve in small cups, glasses or jars, or in bite-size pieces.

Drinks: always have non-alcoholic options. For a different twist, freeze fruit or mint with water in ice cube trays.

Fruit and Vegetables: keep it light and fresh by cutting up different vegetables for dips, such as carrots, cucumbers, celery, zucchini or broccoli. Serve fresh fruit, cut in pieces if needed, in a chilled bowl, set in crushed ice. Guests can add them to fruity and fresh desserts made on the fly, such as the classic Berry Dream.