Thicken and Rice Cooker Modes

Check out our Thicken and Rice Cooker Mode recipes. Different savory and sweet sauces, desserts and basic recipes for cooking rice and other grains. Enjoy!

Basic Savory Sauces

How to Use the Thicken Mode

Use the Thicken Mode  to cook your starch-thickened sauces, such as Béchamel, Aurore or Mornay sauces; hot emulsified sauces, such as Hollandaise or Béarnaise sauce; or delicious desserts like custards or Zabaglione. Place the ingredients in your Thermomix® and simply select Thicken , set the temperature and turn to start Thicken Mode!

Mode Tips

Sweet Sauces and Desserts

How to Use the Rice Cooker Mode

The Rice Cooker Mode  is used to cook rice and other grains, like millet or bulgur, just as you would on your stove top. Place water, seasoning and the grain of your choice into your mixing bowl then select Rice Cooker  and start the mode. It's that easy!

Boiled Rice and Grains

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