Happy Chinese New Year

Discover the dishes and drinks that are part of China's most important holiday.

Good Luck Foods for the New Year

History of Chinese New Year

Chinese civilization goes back over 5,000 years, with a rich history of regional cultures and traditions. The Chinese way to welcome in the New Year is to celebrate joyfully over good food with friends and family. Also known as the “Spring Festival”, it is a festival during which food is taken very seriously. Celebrations and events are carefully planned to bring good fortune and peace for the new year. The brightness and colors are a feast for the senses. The 10th of February 2024 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar. People born in the Year of the Dragon usually possess courage, tenacity, and intelligence, often displaying enthusiasm and confidence.

Chinese New Year Dishes

New Year Culinary Traditions

Serving the right food at Chinese New Year is an important part of the festival. Fish is served for prosperity, dumplings and spring rolls for wealth, sweet rice balls for family togetherness, fruit for wealth, noodles for a long life, and glutinous rice cake for respect. All of the foods served are endowed with meaning.

Cooking New Year Meals with Thermomix®

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TIY Food for New Year

Celebrate with a Taste of Tradition

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