Balanced Nutrition

Balanced nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body. In addition to making sure you get enough rest; you also need to pay close attention to your family’s diet. Keep an eye on what you put into your bodies by preparing meals with healthy, natural ingredients so you can enjoy your time together at home with peace of mind.

Nutritious Breakfast

Load up on nutrients

Now, more than ever, it’s important to focus on getting the maximum nutrients possible to remain healthy. Reach for high quality proteins and vitamin-rich foods that strengthen the body’s natural ability to fight off illness and relieve stress. When fortifying your diet with nutritious ingredients, add more superfoods and try to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Lunches Loaded with Veggies and Body-Boosting Benefits

Tips for Staying Heathly

• Eat your greens and fruit! Leafy greens and citrus are excellent sources of vitamins, mineral iron and calcium.
• Boost your protein consumption with meat, poultry and fish.
• Increase vitamin B consumption by enjoying more beans, brown rice and potatoes.
• Season with herbs and spices to reduce added sugars and excess salt.
• Exercise reduces stress and helps improve mood by releasing endorphins.
• Yoga and meditation are beneficial for your physical and mental well-being and helps to reduce daily stress and anxiety.

Balanced Dinners

Lock in the Nutrients

Multi-level cooking with Varoma, allows you to quickly steam and cook delicious food for the whole family while retaining vital nutrients and minerals. Enjoy quality time and cook as a family, sharing good food and great conversation around the table, today, tomorrow, and always with Thermomix®.

Healthy Snacking