Cold Desserts

Tempting summer dessert ideas to keep you cool. Choose among cool healthy midweek treats, fresh fruit desserts and cold chocolate delights.

Cold Desserts Inspiration

Fruit Desserts

Chilled Desserts, Ready When You Are

Freeze prepared berries or seasonal fruit by laying them out on open trays. Once frozen, transfer to freezer bags, and store in the freezer to use in purées, coulis, and flavorings for an quick cold dessert. Even easier, buy ready-frozen fruit! To make a fun and super quick dessert, pour this freshly made chocolate sauce over a selection of frozen berries.

Make the Sauce

Cold Rice Desserts

Fruit Jams and Compotes Make Easy Desserts

Make the best of seasonal fruit, with a jam or compote prepared in Thermomix®. A summer compote can be as simple as a crushed or blended fruit, sometimes if necessary with a little added sugar or syrup, that makes for a fresh and simple fruit topping. Perfect for spooning over pancakes, or layering in a glass with cream and meringue to make a quick dessert.
Jams and Compotes

Fun and Fresh Shakes and Smoothies

Butterfly Whisk - Technique

The Thermomix® butterfly whisk is used to aerate sauces and mousses effortlessly, and easily whisks egg whites and whip cream. Keep this accessory handy for quick and easy cold desserts, whipped up in Thermomix®. See our favorite fruit mousse recipes below.

Dessert Mousses

Hear Them Say Wow!

Dessert is a great time to show off some skills and delight guests. Browse through our recipe ideas for Wow-worthy desserts, and let Thermomix® help you make a big impression.

Wow Desserts