Fusion Cuisine

Food travels, flavors mingle and traditions blend. Fusion cuisine embraces creativity and innovation, enabling new culinary experiences and sensations for the palate. Discover our recipe suggestions and get inspired to create your own fusion dishes.

The Art of Mixing

In a global world, cultures, gastronomies, and food trends are constantly mixing and mingling. Ingredients, flavors and culinary techniques cross paths, allowing for the experimentation of new flavor combinations and textures, resulting in "hybrid dishes" with new and unique flavors. Creating these new flavor combinations can be tricky, and it is important that the ingredients are carefully chosen to properly balance textures and flavors. Although the term "fusion" may be relatively recent and associated with modern and innovative cuisine, the Age of Discovery was certainly one of the key periods for the exchange of culinary knowledge, ingredients, and flavors.

Fusion with a Touch of Spice

Fusion à la Vegetarian

Ready for Mashups?

The term fusion is also used when two recipes are blended into one. A single dish to feed multiple cravings! Think pancake muffins, sushi donuts, bibimbap burrito or Thai curry risotto!

Our Favorite Mashups

Did You Know?

• Vindaloo is a dish found on many Indian menus and is the result of a fusion of Portuguese and Goan cuisine. The traditional Portuguese meat in wine and garlic was mixed with Indian spices to create vindaloo.

• The French baguette is a part of Lao and Vietnamese cooking. They prepare sandwiches (Bahn mi) served with a wide variety of fillings that are sold in street markets.

• Nikkei cuisine combines Japanese techniques with Peruvian flavors, like ceviche!

• Pasta is enjoyed in Ethiopian cuisine due to Italy’s presence during the 1930s.

• Tex-Mex cuisine is an example of the fusion between the USA and Mexico, with dishes as iconic as chili and fajitas.

Classic Fusion Recipes

Feeling Inspired?

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