Pizza Styles for Every Palate

There aren’t many perfect foods, but we think pizza tops the list. Where else can you indulge in carbs and cheese, deliciously decorated with an array of toppings atop a tangy tomato sauce? We’ve got the recipes, tips, and tricks for making trattoria-quality pizza for every appetite.

The Perfect Pizza Every Time

Once you’ve settled on your favorite style, here are some quick tips to take your pizza skills to the next level:

• Make your own dough, which is quick and easy thanks to your trusty Thermomix®!
• Let the dough rest and rise at room temperature for at least 45 minutes so that it cooks evenly.
• Use the right pan for the job. One of our three stoneware dishes -- Paul, Anna, and Ben have got you covered!
• Sprinkle the stone with cornmeal for a crisp finish and to prevent sticking. (To make it gluten-free, use flaxseed instead.)
• Don’t overload the toppings. Many thin crusts can’t handle a lot of toppings.
• Experiment, experiment, experiment. Listen to your tastebuds and don’t be afraid to try different combinations to take your pizza to the next level!

Thin and Crispy

From Naples to New York, thin crust pizzas tend to be the most popular with their bubbly crusts with airy pockets that impart a crispy delightful crunch. Toppings are typically simple so they don’t overload their signature floppy dough and are devoured quickly by hand, delicately folded to prevent the sauce from dripping. Pizza stones are perfect for achieving these crackling crusts at home. We recommend Paul, our heat resistant stone that will whisk you off to Naples straight from your oven.

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Stuffed and Satisfying

On the opposite end of the pizza spectrum, Chicago brought us the deep dish, a half-inch thick pie loaded with toppings like a casserole and covered with stretchy, whole milk mozzarella and crushed tomatoes. But the heartiness didn’t stop there. Stuffed crusts soon emerged, packing pillowy crusts with everything from cheese to pepperoni, and regional fare like calzones offer another mouthwatering way to sample a variety of fillings, tucked inside a crackling exterior. Anna is the perfect companion for creating your stuffed masterpieces at home.

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Guilt-Free Options

Even people with lifestyle and dietary restrictions can indulge in decadent, dough-based delights by using alternative flours like almond, cassava, or brown rice, and easily use creative bases like cauliflower or sweet potato crusts, a broccoli, or zucchini.

Plush and Packed with Flavor

Foccacia-style or thick crust pizzas, with their chewy crust and caramelized edges, give you unlimited possibilities for adorning your dough with unique ingredients. You can even substitute starches like potatoes for your base to add a velvety texture and more depth of flavor. Ben gives you maximum versatility for unleashing your creativity and transforming your kitchen into an Italian trattoria.

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