Food Trends in 2021

Enjoyable food experiences have become more important than ever. These delicious indulgences bring us moments of joy. Comfort dishes can improve mood and remind us of childhood. Using organic, locally sourced ingredients can help bolster immunity to keep your body stay healthy.

A Whole New World… of Possibilities

As we continue to adapt to a changing world, Thermomix® can help you navigate everything from date nights at home and special weekend brunches to daily delights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Times may change, but the joy of food remains the same, and Cookidoo® has all you need to stay nourished and happy with even more confidence in the kitchen. Explore recipes that will bring relief to your mind and new flavors to your table.

Elevated Classic Dishes with a Touch of Decadence

Adding gourmet ingredients and textures to everyday meals can treat your family to restaurant style dishes. Rich sauces, cheeses, and pops of umami will make the everyday magical.

Re-imagining Childhood Comforts that Nourish the Soul

Hearty stews and warm, creamy textures are comforting and remind us of simpler times.

Immunity-boosting Bites that are Big on Taste

To help protect your health, incorporate ingredients like turmeric and ginger plus fresh fruits and vegetables with vitamins and antioxidants that naturally bolster your immune system.

Locally-sourced Produce with a Twist

Sourcing your produce locally helps support small businesses in your community and makes purchasing more affordable. Fresh ingredients are both nutritious and delicious. Simply choose your favorite fruit or vegetable and get creative using it in multiple ways.

Expand your culinary horizons in 2021 with inspirational recipes.

Experience The Joy of Cooking