6 Ideas to Jumpstart your January

After the holidays, we all need to detox and return to healthy food, balanced meals, and physical exercise. Start the new year with nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes for every meal of the day. Jumpstart the new year with energy, determination and Cookidoo®!

1 – Energize after your morning stretches

Our Detox Favorites

• Leafy greens • Cabbage • Celery • Garlic • Beets • Ginger • Lemon • Red berries • Pineapple • Green apple • Chia and flax seeds • Green tea

2 – Curb cravings with our grab and go snacks

Say no to temptations - with meal prep!

Meal prep snacks so that you always have a healthy grab and go option. You will be less tempted to satisfy your hunger with the first thing you find like cookies, crackers, chips, or chocolate. Some good options include:

• hard boiled eggs – cooked to perfection with the TM6® Egg Boiler Mode
• fresh cheeses and yogurt– make your own with the TM6® Fermentation Mode
• cut up veggies like carrot sticks – easily prepped with Thermomix® Cutter
• dried and fresh fruit
• muffins
• power balls

3 – Fuel up with our lunchbox ideas

Stay Fit

A balanced diet should always be combined with adequate physical activity - it helps increase muscle mass, reduces body fat, and helps you tone up. Depending on the type of exercise, you need to nourish and hydrate your body before, after, and/or throughout the day.

4 – Healthy carbs to keep you energized

4 Tips to stay fit

1. Join forces - when sharing your healthy lifestyle initiatives with others, you will feel more connected and motivated. Gather a group of friends to go on regular walks or have regular fitness-focused potluck dinners so you can get inspired by new flavors and healthy recipes.
2. Set achievable goals - there’s no point on setting unachievable goals that will only demotivate you. Start small and adjust your goals over time!
3. Track and acknowledge milestones - a whole week without eating refined sugar? Congrats!
4. Be Flexible - don’t be too hard on yourself…tomorrow is a new day!

5 – Tasty, filling proteins

6 – Energy-boosting soups