It’s Asparagus Season!

Springtime is asparagus time! This versatile vegetable is at its best when in-season and freshly picked. In soups, risottos, pasta, tarts or simply steamed. Just search Cookidoo® to discover mouth-watering recipes at your fingertips.

Starters and Soups

Pasta and Risotto

Green or White?

If asparagus is picked before it breaks through the soil, it is white. When growing white asparagus, farmers must ensure it is always hidden from sunlight. Green asparagus on the other hand pokes through the earth and sees sunlight as it grows. In terms of flavor, white asparagus is known for its more delicate profile. White asparagus is also more fibrous and thicker, so the bottom two thirds of the vegetable need to be peeled before consumption!

Vegetarian Favorites

Perfect for Brunch

Quick Tips

Shopping: choose asparagus with compact tips, firm, straight and smooth stalks with a rich green color. Try to choose asparagus with similar thickness so cooking time is the same.
Storage: cook the asparagus as soon as possible. If storing in the fridge for a few days ensure the stems are submerged in water or wrapped in damp paper towel. To freeze, blanch asparagus first.
Preparation: wash and trim the asparagus before cooking. Use the stems and the peel in soups or broth.

Delicious Combinations

Easily make emulsified sauces with Thermomix®. An elegant combination that makes any occasion special - asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. Garnish with lemon, orange, dill and tarragon and for an added crunch, top with toasted almonds or hazelnuts.

Emulsified Sauces