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Whatever you're searching for, we have you covered. Whether it's fresh lunch and dinner ideas, ways to entertain the kids, tasty snacks for your TV marathons or even basic recipes to avoid trips to the grocery store, find it all on Cookidoo®.

Work From Home Lunches – Quick, Easy and Ready in 30 Minutes

Work From Home Lunches – Prep Early, Simmer or Rise all Morning, Then Enjoy!

Kids in the Kitchen

With the kids at home, we’re all looking for fun and educational activities we can use to break up the home-schooling schedule. It’s an extra bonus if those activities also give us grown-ups some time to do the everyday jobs we need to get done, like cooking and cleaning. So, rather than separate the two, we think, why not combine them? Let’s use our Thermomix® to get creative in the kitchen and our encourage our kids to be as hands-on.

Culture and Cooking Class

Combine fun in the kitchen with a little bit of geography. Pick a country – grab a map, have the kids close their eyes and point to a place on the map – then learn about that country:

The unique culinary ingredients and dishes
Regional traditions
Geographical location
Historical highlights
And of course… food trends!

Get together in the kitchen, play some music from that country, and make a delicious and authentic meal with the whole family. Cookidoo® has recipes from all over the world, so enjoy endless exploring.

Tasty Snacks for Those TV Marathons

Fancy Cocktails to Sip Over Virtual Happy Hour

Better with Butter

It’s one of the first recipes you see when learning about Thermomix® but Butter, and other “basic” recipes aren’t always what we make on a regular basis. Search Cookidoo® for all your staples, from flour, to milks, to yogurt, bread… Whatever it is, we’re more than likely to have a recipe to help you make it from scratch.

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