What Type of User are You?

Are you taking your first cooking steps? Or inventing elegant restaurant-style dishes? There are as many Thermomix® recipes as cooking styles, find them here!

First Steps with Thermomix®

Grandma's Cooking is the Best

What Type of User are You?

The Beginner: “Sauté”? “Sous-vide”? What are these strange words? You’re ready to expand your knowledge and graduate from ready-made dishes. Guided Cooking is the best invention ever.
The Busy Cook: you want quick and easy recipes, no fuss. You want healthy recipes to feed your family with minimum effort. Kitchen time should be kept to a minimum.

The Traditionalist: your grandmother’s recipe was the best, end of discussion. You feel more confident with traditional, family recipes and you don’t mind repetition in your menus.

The Creative Chef: recipes were meant to be modified. You know what works, and Cookidoo® is there to inspire your own dishes. It’s all about experimenting and adding your personal touch.

The Adventurer: you love to test exotic recipes and try new flavors. Cooking for you is a way to travel around the world and discover new cuisines.

Building Blocks for Your Own Creations

Inspired by Your Travels

TM6 Modes

No matter what type of user you are, TM6 modes will make cooking even easier. Modes are automated functions that handle specific tasks for you. They can enhance your cooking abilities with new skills, such as sous-vide or slow cooking, or simply make your daily cooking routine easier.

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