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Ah, France… its culture, its landscapes and of course, its gastronomy! Each region has its distinct ingredients and preferences. Get ready to explore new flavors and savor the splendor of French food. Start the tour!


The Classic Puff Pastry

The buttery flavor of homemade puff pastry is incomparable. Rather than buying it, try our easy recipe. Small pieces of frozen butter create the crisp, flaky structure that rises high and melts in the mouth. Success depends on keeping the dough chilled so the layers of butter do not melt. A cold work surface (marble or stone) and a cool room temperature are helpful. If at any time during the process the dough feels warm, place in the freezer for 5 minutes before rolling out again. Partially roll out the dough, freeze, then defrost in the refrigerator. Shape before baking.

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Heritage Recipes from 6 Cities

Check out the following french specialities on your next trip to France, or if you're feeling adventurous look for these recipes in our French recipe treasure


The capital enjoys accommodating many specialities from all over France in its shops and restaurants. But that doesn’t mean it forgets about its own local recipes and products! Gougères with champignons de Paris (savory choux pastry with button mushrooms), Opéra Cake and Brie de Meaux Tart… savory and sweet delights await your discovery on Cookidoo®.


Sun-kissed recipes characterize this city's cuisine. Fall for panisses (chickpea chips), a creamy bouillabaisse or even aïoli to accompany your dishes!


Often considered THE foodie capital of France, Lyon is filled to the brim with restaurants and recipes that you shouldn’t miss out on. Sausage in brioche is one such example: as surprising as it is delicious.


Former capital of Brittany, Nantes has maintained a successful mixture of flavors from both land and sea. Lamb's lettuce soup with Curé Nantais (cheese), Nantes-style cake, Breton-style mussels… the possibilities are endless!


The pink city is also famous for the Violette de Toulouse, a purple sweet that is a local classic. If you think of Toulouse, you think of duck: duck magret (duck breast) and foie gras.


Head north for convivial, comforting cuisine that will bring a smile to your face. Beer is an ingredient of choice, particularly in Flemish beef stew or locally adapted Welsh rarebit.

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