Our Vegan Favorites

As the vegan lifestyle continues to become more popular, so do the dishes that showcase the delicious versatility of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. From vegan staples to sweets, put your Thermomix® to work so you can enjoy some of our favorite vegan recipes.

Going Vegan Never Tasted So Good

There has never been so many meatless options that are as healthy as they are satisfying and delicious. Today, eating a plant-based diet is easy. However, with the growing popularity of veganism, grocery stores are full of ready-made vegan products, which are often not very healthy. With Thermomix®, preparing vegan meals and whipping up pantry basics has never been easier. Consuming less animal products is not only good for your body, thanks to its many vitamins and nutrients, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.

Setting the Stage with Staples

You can prepare all your food using dairy-free staples of butter, yogurt, and cheese to start your foray into the vegan world. Thermomix® makes it easy to whip up these staples to use in your favorite recipes.

Vegan Recipes in a Flash

Skip the ready-made aisle. Prepare delicious and nutritious vegan recipes in under 30 minutes.

Non-Dairy Milk

Want to prepare non-dairy milk at home but not sure where to start? Check out our article!

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Far Off Destinations

Many countries around the world boast herbivorous cuisine, so you can explore the world's most original flavors without missing meat.

Meat-Free Familiar Favorites

Being vegan doesn’t mean giving up your favorite dishes. You can still enjoy pizza, hamburgers, and a wide variety of snacks with plant-based alternatives that keep your tastebuds happy.

Decadent Dairy-Free Desserts

Don’t skip dessert with these vegan, dairy-free alternatives that are just as rich and luxurious as their original counterparts.