Cooking with Dad

Cooking with dad can create many memorable moments. Spend this special day building bonds, sharing traditions, and making memories. Get inspired by our suggestions and… Happy Father's Day!

Get Creative with Pancakes, Waffles and Crepes!

Burgers or Pizza? One of each, please!

Did You Know…

Despite having similar recipes, there are differences between waffles, pancakes and crepes. Thanks to their higher percentage of sugar and fat, waffles have a caramelized and crisp exterior and are usually cooked on a waffle iron. Pancakes are more moist, more dense and thicker than crepes, which are characterized by being extremely thin and delicate.

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Thank You Jar

How about extending Father's Day all year long? Prepare a jar with thank you messages your dad can draw from throughout the year. Check out some examples to surprise your father:

Thank You…
• For all the piggyback rides you gave me.
• For teaching me to ride a bike.
• For the awesome forts you helped me build.
• For making the supermarket trips so fun.
• For lending me the car on various occasions.
• For always repeating math exercises with me.
• For afternoons of movies and popcorn.
• For the best Bolognese of my life!

Spicy Snacks - Only for the brave!