One-Pot Wonders

Ideal for everyday cooking, one pot, or in our case “one-bowl” recipes are the perfect weeknight meal! Prepare complete recipes with minimal mess and just one mixing bowl – no other kitchen equipment required! Discover our selection of easy, fast and tasty one pot meals!

Chicken Center-Stage!

Less Mess, Less Stress

On busy days, there’s nothing better than Thermomix® Guided Cooking recipes that are quick, easy, energy efficient, and require minimal clean-up!

One-Bowl Pasta

Ingredients for One-Pot Grab and Go Cooking

On busy days, one-pot cooking is a great mealtime solution! Stock your pantry and freezer with these staples to make weeknight cooking a breeze:

• Rice
• Pasta
• Canned beans, chickpeas, and corn
• Tuna

• Pre-cooked pulses
• Pre-cooked shredded chicken
• Minced meat
• Salmon
• Shrimp
• Peas

Adding Extra Flavor

With only one mixing bowl to keep an eye on, you can put all your attention on the flavor! Starting off your recipes by browning meat or veggies gives them that caramelized touch, a toasted flavor, and a wonderful aroma. Using our High Temp Mode basic recipes will take your one-pot dishes to the next level!

High Temp Collections

Risotto in a Flash

One-Pot, Veggie-Pot!

Easy and Elegant Sweets