Inspiring ideas for Ramadan

Influenced by various regions of the world, recipes that fill the Ramadan table include fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat, fish, cheese, and sweets. Learn about Ramadan and discover nutritious recipes to break the fast and share a delicious meal with family or friends.


Ramadan falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is a period of prayer, reflection, and fasting. It begins with the last new moon of the eighth month - Sha'aban - and ends with the arrival of the next new moon 29 or 30 days later. Among other things, the ritual of fasting involves abstaining from food and drink, between sunrise and sunset. To break this fast, there are two fundamental moments experienced and shared with great joy and gratitude: breakfast (Suhoor) and dinner (Iftar).

5 Basics for Ramadan Meals

• Hydrating fruits and vegetables • Meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, for protein • Wholegrains and legumes for energy • Healthy fats from Avocado, nuts, seeds • Water

Eggs, Dairy, and Fruit

Suhoor: Breakfast Before Sunrise

Since fasting begins at sunrise, breakfast (Suhoor) should be eaten in the early morning hours. This meal should be nutritious and comforting to provide the energy, hydration, and nutrients needed for a full day of fasting.

Seeds, Nuts, and Grains

Meat and Fish

Iftar: Dinner after Sunset

After sunset it is time to break the fast, starting with a date and a glass of water and followed by Iftar – a dinner generally composed of various snacks and main courses. This is a joyful moment to share with family and friends.



Eid al Fitr: Celebrating the End of Ramadan

This is a festive date that celebrates the end of Ramadan and occurs when the new moon is seen in the sky, announcing that the 10th month has arrived. The 3 days that follow are characterized by the distribution of food to the poorest, the holding of banquets, and the exchange of gifts.