Budget Meals

Budget meals can be easy and nutritious and on the table in minutes. Have a look at our budget meals, which are not only quick starters for your everyday meals but also help you save money for a well-deserved vacation or something on your wish list.

Pasta and Rice

Light Veggie Dishes

Buy Seasonal and Save Money

Planning Is Key

You'll be amazed how much you can save by planning your meals. Purchase groceries on sale or on special. Buy food that's in season, keep an organized fridge and freezer and cook extra to freeze and eat another day. Our weekly planner supports you in the process and helps you organize your week and save money.

More Tips And Tricks

When On A Budget, Bake It Yourself!

You already know that planning is budget-friendly. But you can also save money when you bake it yourself. Whether sweet or savory, with Thermomix® and Guided Cooking, it is simple and easy. It is also healthier as no artifical flavors or preservatives are added - you have control over what you eat.

Oven Fresh Bread

Our Bakery


Five Ingredients to Eating Well

Take a look at our super quick and easy collection of recipes featuring five ingredients or less. Add water, salt or pepper as needed to prepare these satisfying dishes in minutes.

Five Ingredients Collection