Get in shape after the holidays

The holidays are over - the cookies, eggnog, cakes and family dinners were wonderful. Good times, but now it's time for a fresh start in the year!

Drink your fruit and vegetables! These smoothies help you stay on track

We have tips for you on how to make smoothies a part of your life, either using Cookidoo® recipes or creating your own. Find out what type of ingredients you'll need to have on hand and the 5 steps to making a perfect and power-packed smoothie. Read more here…

Healthy salads packed with good nutrients

Soups come in so many wholesome flavours

Top 5 healthiest vegetables

Kale • Broccoli • Carrots • Spinach • Peas

Without ranking them, these nutrition bombs cannot be missed in a healthy kitchen. These vegetables are multi-talents, and can be used for a variety of recipes. Get creative with these 5 versatile vegetables and check out our recipe treasure.

Food trends

Losing weight is never easy. We try new fad diets while hitting the gym to check out the latest exercise craze. Truth is, there’s no miracle way to lose weight other than eating healthfully, applying portion control, and exercising regularly.

But sometimes a food trend can help. Current diets such as keto, low-carb, paleo or raw food are much talked about these days. Supporters of these diets say they have achieved astonishing results. Whatever diet you choose, Thermomix® can help you cook the dishes you need.

For instance, in the following we have some fantastic low-carb recipes for you, both savoury and sweet, that are low in carbs but high in taste. Some argue that they taste even better than the high carb alternatives. So if you are interested in this diet approach, give these recipes a try.…

Savory low carb alternatives

Sweet low carb alternatives

Thermomix® workout challenge

Exercises you can do, while the Thermomix® is working for you. Crushing = 5 squats • Mixing = 10 high knees • Heating = 20 jumping jacks

Good resolutions

Well-balanced and varied dishes

Finding a well-balanced diet that you enjoy and that suits your goal might seem like a challenge. What should you eat for the next few days? When it comes to answering this question, no one can do it except for you. What we can do is give you ideas for a variety of fish, meat or vegetable-based meals that are filled with healthy nutrients.

Nutrient-rich fish dishes

Nutrient-rich meat dishes

Nourishing vegetable dishes