Everyday Cooking Spring

Spring is finally in sight and it's time to awaken your taste buds after winter's hearty meals. Brighten and lighten up your dishes with the long awaited spring produce. Check out our seasonal and quick weeknight recipe ideas.

Quick and Easy Asparagus

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Experiment with Artichokes

Protein in a Pinch

Time for Leafy Greens

We naturally start to crave lighter meals when spring comes around. The warmer days and nights need less calories, and we begin reducing cravings for fat and sugar. With the change in seasons, many people long for anti-oxidant rich leafy greens. It's time to add a spring salad to the main meal to lighten the calorie load and get your dose of anti-oxidants!

Incorporating Greens

Spring Fruits to Enjoy

Complement Your Spring Veggies

With the Rice Cooker mode  you can prepare delicious grains in no time! Read tips on mastering midweek rice.

Rice Cooker Mode